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vefa erdem

motion designer



GSM: 0090507 659 2120



background & education



I was born in 1978 in Ankara. When I was a kid, I've dreamt about robotic trees which produce oxygen by proceeding autonomus photosynthesis through their synthetic leaves, and storm condensers which collect high voltage energy from thunderbolts and lightnings, and which convert it into high amper electric energy through it's dedicated transformers. I drew about my dreams a lot!


In High school years I've intended to be a photographer. I wore out two analogue cameras. I've always had a desire for being involved with visual arts. After high school, I came to Istanbul to take my chance at developing a visual language.

As a self educated designer, I've worked in numerous small design firms / establishments. I've developed my skills and perspective by involving my knowledge in number of sectors and utilizations ranging from textile to web development, and from packaging design to branding.


After rendering my military service, in order to keep up with the developing digital age and to diversifying my skills on visual arts, I enrolled in the Faculty of Fine Arts of 9 Eylul University, Department of Animation Film Design and Direction.  During these years, I had my side income through various freelance design jobs and by working as translator.

skills & personal qualities

I have a special interest for typography and it's sophisticated aesthetics. I am an expert user of desktop publishing tools. I have the ability of film editing and knowledge of principal compositing procedures. I am currently learning compositing in Nuke through my own efforts.  I had my internship in an animation studio residing in İzmir, which currently producing animation series for the TRT network. I have a musical background so that I can produce and process the sound for my projects to the extent eliminating the requisite of any other sound-dedicated individual. The following are my skill levels at various softwares.

Cinema 4d (Maxon)

Maya (Autodesk)

Real Flow (Next Limit)

After Effects (Adobe)

Nuke (The Foundry)

Premiere Pro  (Adobe)

Photoshop (Adobe)

Illustrator (Adobe)

InDesign (Adobe)

I am currently looking for motion graphics, animation or post production positions in well known production / animation studios or advertisement agencies and broadcasting networks.

Live Studio (Ableton)

Cubase (Steinberg)

work examples

(only some of them)

web design

digital illustration


hobbies and interests

I am a cyclist-tourer, bass and keyboard player, photographer, walker, hiker and traveller, sports enthusiast, researcher. I also have a passion for learning additional languages, ie. Italian besides English.


Faik Kartelli

Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts of 9 Eylul University /

Head of the Department of Animation Film Design and Direction

Ali Karatay

Animation Prelector in 9 Eylul University / İzmir

Tansel Ebegil

Animation Prelector in Yaşar University / İzmir